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Major Learning Project – Introduction

For as long as I can remember, I always enjoyed spending time in the kitchen with my mom baking. As I got older, I began to bake more and more by myself. Once I moved out on my own, I continued to bake often, using it as a tool to destress. My fiancé will say that he approves of my frequent baking (although our waistlines might say otherwise).

Eventually, I moved away from the traditional brownies and chocolate chip cookies towards cupcakes. I found cupcakes were something that were quick and easy to make without much skill required aside from reading a recipe and piping a swirl.

After awhile, I got bored of cupcakes and was looking for a new challenge. I decided to try my hand at cake making and decorating. Let me tell you it is not easy!! I have spent countless hours trying to learn the proper techniques from baking, to assembling, to decorating.

My first ever cake attempt

I felt very discouraged after my first cake attempt, and it took another year or so to try again. For the last year and a half, I have been practicing a lot. I now make cakes for all our family birthdays and sometimes even for friends. Here is a gallery of how my skills have grown over the last year and a half. I recently even tried a number cake for my cousins’ 16th which turned out awesome.

My Next Adventure

Photo by Laura James on

Based on my previous baking experience, I know that cookies like this are a lot of work. They are definitely not something that will be super easy to master and it will take time and practice for mine to look this good. I have done a bit of research and have found some various techniques that I can try each week. My goal (life depending) is to try a new technique/style of cookie each week. I am excited to begin this journey!

10 thoughts on “Major Learning Project – Introduction

  1. Brittney! Your cakes are GORGEOUS! I love to bake also, but my baked goods definitely have more of a “rustic” quality to them! This is a great project idea, one that is connected to your skills already, but amped up for this assignment. My project is similar in that it is connected to prior skills, but more of a challenge!

    Good luck! Looking forward to keeping up with your progress! Curious how you plan to document for the blog? Just photos? Video?

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    1. Thanks Riley! I think at first I am planning on just some simple posts with pictures of what I did that week and links to whatever resources I used for help. Once I get more comfortable I am planning on doing some some videos showing my process.


  2. Wow! That looks amazing!!

    I’m curious to find out these new techniques you will use in this project and see how it turns out. As well, If you need any taste testers… I know it may be hard to find.. I’ll gladly take you up on the opportunity. 😉

    Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Wow! Your baking looks amazing! I follow a few people on Instagram that are local, one being @threelittlesweetsbybree and her cookies are really amazing. I always wanted to decorate cookies, but I have never found the time or put a lot of effort into it. I am excited to follow your project, as it has been something that I have wanted to do for a while. Maybe it’ll inspire me to try it out one day. I think you’re right. These cookies take time, but it’ll be very worth it, in the end, having this skill set. Good luck!

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  4. Brittney, your baking talents are incredible! My sister in law also makes cakes and each time I see her finished products I am truly amazed. The attention to detail and patience it takes to create all of your tasty looking products is sooo impressive. I am intrigued to follow your journey and see what you are able to accomplish. Also, like Chris mentioned earlier, if you need any taste testers, let me know!

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  5. I’ll echo the comments here – wow – you’ve got some talent!
    I look forward to seeing where you head with this project. Obviously, you have some exceptional skill already which sometimes makes it difficult to demonstrate significant leaps in your learning. However, try to push your thinking on how to demonstrate what you know via various media that might help the newbs in this class truly understand the talent it takes to take on a project like this while simultaneously giving us some hope that we can take something like this on!

    I’m looking forward to the project!

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