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I Read It on Reddit

So What Is Reddit?

Reddit is an online forum posting group where people discuss topics of interest to them divided into various sub groups (subreddits) such that all discussion about certain topics is more easily locatable. It has a variety of things from pertinent information relating to various hobbies and games to purely entertaining things like funny pictures or stories. People on Reddit are generally more intelligent than they are on Facebook and you can down vote people so when they say moronic things we don’t have to see it… I like Reddit because it has content that I enjoy and it is not filled with random people posting about their lives. I don’t care about peoples lives, I care about things that are going on in the world and things I am interested in.

My Thoughts on Reddit

Reddit as an Education Tool?

I leave you with two questions:

  1. Have you every used Reddit before?
  2. Do you think that you would be comfortable incorporating it into your classroom? If so, how?

3 thoughts on “I Read It on Reddit

  1. Brittney,

    Excellent post!

    Funny enough, my fiancé uses Reddit too! I never really got into it and your post confirms my reasoning as to why it isn’t really for me. However, every now and again, I find the odd thing on Reddit that is useful. I don’t have the app, so anything that comes up on Reddit is just from a Google search. I don’t think I would feel comfortable using it in the classroom. I haven’t engaged with it enough myself to feel good about incorporating it into my practice and like you said, the content kids may find on there could be problematic. I wonder if there is any way that users can put filters on the content that shows up or if there are any parental/safety settings that can be used?

    Well done– I look forward to reading more of your posts this semester!

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    1. From my quick search nothing seemed to pop up for parents being able to filter the content for safety. However, it may be possible. I do think that since that information is not super easy to find, if it is an option it must not be very easy to do haha.


  2. Great choice to look further into. To be honest, I don’t have a lot of experience using it other than the odd time looking for an answer to a weird question, especially surrounding my car. Although, I know that my spouse’s friends use it daily for gaming, streaming, sports discussions, finding answers to their questions, etc. I haven’t used it in the classroom before, and to be honest, don’t know if I would for my age group of students. Because it is largely unmonitored I feel as if my students or myself could get into some hot water quite rapidly. I also am not sure that I would implement a social media platform into my classroom without knowing the ins and outs of it or at least feel pretty darn comfortable with it so I would know how to steer away my kiddos from the dark side of it. Although I never really thought about using it in my classroom before, I think your post really helped make my decision.

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