Major Learning Project – Week 3/4

Well… better late than never! Last weekend, I attempted a new type of cookie decorating. Right after I made these beauties, I came down with flu. This weekend, I finally feel energized enough to blog about them, but I will not be making a new set. Hence the 3/4 combined post. Let’s begin!

One thing I have noticed since starting my cookie decorating journey is that there seems to be two main styles of cookie decorating: royal icing and buttercream. Royal icing is the style that is most commonly seen in cookie decorating photos. These are the cookies with the very smooth icing that is almost shiny. Buttercream cookies, on the other hand, are decorated using the butter & icing sugar combo that is usually used for cakes and cupcakes. These cookies tend to look less “perfect” as the icing doesn’t settle as smoothly.

The Process

Overall, I found that it was a lot easier to decorate with the buttercream icing than the royal icing. I am not sure how much of this has to do with my familiarity with buttercream icing. It was very nice to see how great the cookies turned out. Although they looked great and were less stressful to do, I did find that they were a lot sweeter than the cookies with the royal icing. Also, since buttercream has butter in it, I don’t think they would be good to sit out on the counter for more than a couple days. I sent a snapchat out of my finished product, and an old coworker asked if I was planning on making them again and if she could buy some for her kids. Since I miss seeing her face at work, I told her to come quick and pick up whatever my fiancé had yet to eat.

The finished cookies! The Frakensteins were my favourite.

7 thoughts on “Major Learning Project – Week 3/4

  1. I am not much of a cook or baker, but I LOVE watching cookie decorating videos! Nicely done! This might be an odd question, but do buttercream icing cookies harden?

    Also, I think you’re doing a great job of leveraging social media to further your cookie decorating skills! I just found an Instagram page called Cookies by Samantha… I’m not sure if you already follow this business, but these cookies look pretty cool and they’re local!

    Keep up the great work!

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    1. It doesn’t harden like the royal icing does. It forms more of a crust- simile to a cake or cupcake that’s been sitting for awhile.

      I will have to check out that page! I honestly don’t follow many local people since I don’t have a need for ordering from others when I make my own stuff haha


  2. They turned out great! I prefer the taste of buttercream icing but it would be harder to work. I am not a baker but a few years ago I thought I would get in the cake pop trend as the videos made it look so easy. I was wrong…lol my smile emojis turned out to look like a Simpsons character. I then tried making reindeer at Chritsmas. They turned out somewhat ok I thought, but then a co-worker asked if my son made them. That ended my cake pop days. I wish we all could meet to taste test your cookies!

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  3. Hi Britt. Such a fun learning project and what cute cookies. They look delicious. I love watching the baking and cake decorating videos but I am sure it takes time to learn the technique and tricks of the trade! Good luck. Brenda Ives


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