Major Learning Project- Week 5

It’s November 1st!!!

However, I can’t get TOO far ahead of myself here. I do have some non-Christmas cookies this week as well as some semi-non Christmas cookies planned for next week before diving into the holiday cookies.

Some nice, thick icing.

Overall, this week was a great success. I am excited to try my next design on these chocolate cookies next week with my new icing recipe. For now, it’s time for a nap. Everyone knows there is no tired like teacher the day after Halloween tired.

Well… except maybe teacher before the last day of break tired…. or teacher in June tired…

4 thoughts on “Major Learning Project- Week 5

  1. Love the cookies you have been baking and decorating. You are one smart cookie. ( Sorry LOL) Thinking that if this was a F2F class you might share a few samples because I love sugar and love cookies because of the sugar. Can’t wait to see your Christmas creations. Take care. Brenda


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