Major Learning Project – Week 6

Going to keep it short and sweet this week! I kept it simple by trying a technique I had previously done on a cake with buttercream icing. I figured it should easily transfer over to be able to do on royal icing as royal icing will give an even smoother and harder surface than buttercream. Here is my inspo:

I “painted” this cake last year for my artifact of learning for my first graduate class with Marc Spooner (Social Justice and Globalization – great course if you have not done it!).

For the cookies today, I flooded them with a basic white. Then, I brushed over the backs with pink, orange, and yellow, or blue, green, and purple to create a bit of an ombré effect. Finally, I went over with a fine tipped brush and attempted to paint some flowers with the black gel. I liked the background of the warm colours more as I feel like they blended together better.

For now, I already have my mind on next week… I ordered something fun off amazon to try. Hopefully it gets here in time!

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