Major Learning Project – Week 7/8

It is officially the Christmas season! Well, for me anyways. I like to start early. Since our class is almost complete, I decided that I wanted the last two activities of my major learning project to be related to Christmas cookies. For this (two) week’s challenge I decided to try my hand at a 3D cookie tree.

I finished the tree by using a small strainer/hand sifter to dust some icing sugar over the tree to make it look like snow. I think it turned out looking great overall. We have decided that we are not going to eat this one and it is going to sit on the kitchen table as a part of our Christmas décor. I did however get a request from one of my fiancé’s coworkers to make another tree for us to bring to a little Christmas party. Here is the final result:

Peep my dog in the background wondering what is happening haha. My kitchen has awful lighting so I needed to use the living room coffee table for a good picture.

Next week, I am going to try and do a variety of Christmas designs. This will be similar to what I did at Halloween, except this time I will stick with the royal icing instead of the buttercream. I will for sure be doing a candy cane and a Christmas tree, but I did post a poll on twitter to see what other cookie(s) my classmates think I should do. Go ahead and vote!

4 thoughts on “Major Learning Project – Week 7/8

  1. I make cookies about every two weeks, but I only do fancy cut-out cookies during holidays. This makes me want to try some out in the next few weeks using the dough recipe you have been enjoying. ( Also, your dog is very cute!)

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  2. I think you did a great job. I love the icing sugar that you sprinkled on for effect. How are you doing your flooding? Are you creating a thin outline first and then flooding the center? Or, doing it all at once – either way they look fantastic.

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    1. For this one I just flooded all at once with one thickness and tried not to go too close to the edge. I figured it didn’t need to be perfect since they would be stacked up. I think next time I do smaller ones I will try to outline in a thicker icing so I can get closer to the edges.


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