Open Education Resources (OERs)

What are OERs?

Khan Academy

Once I was logged in, I found the website very hard to navigate. There was a tab for classes, students, and resources. I was hoping that this would be a website where I could find resources to use, but it appears to be more of an online tool where you assign things to students to have them complete it. I clicked into 4th grade math and this is what I saw:

When clicking on the topics, it takes you to a video to watch with instruction (which are already available on YouTube as I have seen them before apparently). After that, there is an online quiz to try before “leveling up” and going to the next task and finally the unit’s test. I fiddled around for a few more minutes, but got bored as it was all the same and the only subjects they seems to have for elementary/middle years are math and a bit of ELA.

I then tried changing my setting to the language being in French. This did allow some French math activities to come up, but they were organized based off Quebec’s schooling (cycle 1-3) which does not translate easily to Immersion grade levels. The videos were also waaay too fast and used an advanced vocabulary that my immersion students would not be able to follow along with easily.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I am honestly not impressed with this website. Personally, I would not be using it due to the lack of resources related to what I am teaching. There is nothing geared towards FI and there is also little in English at my grade levels. I could see this website being useful for people who teach high school, or English elementary. It might have also been a good tool for English teachers who are wanting to assign things online/at home. However, my students have limited technology access, even at school, so I am hoping for more resources that are printable.


Unfortunately, I was not able to find any content in French. Even when searching “French” all that came up was various English social studies videos like the French Revolution.

I definitely liked this website A LOT more. It was way easier to navigate and I like the content that is available. This is a much better OER for elementary/middle years. Unfortunately, it is only in English. I am not opposed to showing my students videos in English, especially if they are well done and informative, however a French video is always preferred.

I will for sure be searching the TED Ed site more to see what other videos they have that might be useful to supplement some of my science, health, and social studies teachings. However, I don’t think I will be logging into Khan Academy again.

I will leave you all with a few questions….

  1. Did you explore either of these resources? If so, did you like or dislike them and why?
  2. Why do you think it is so hard to find OER resources that are printable?
    I much prefer things I can use in the classroom together rather than videos or things that are just assigned on the computer.
  3. For my fellow FI teachers- has there been a good OER database that you have come across with FI resources?
    TPT is not cutting it and I am so tired of spending money to buy stuff all the time…

3 thoughts on “Open Education Resources (OERs)

  1. Very well written and thorough post!

    I had high hopes for Khan Academy because I’ve heard a lot about it, but finding resources for French Immersion would be challenging, especially for younger grades! I’ve used the occasional Khan Academy video that I’ve stumbled upon via YouTube, but had never created a specific account for it. I appreciate your honest review!

    I explored Ted-Ed as well! I really enjoyed this one. Super easy to navigate and tons of relevant content. It was also very user-friendly for creating assignments! There is also a feature that allows for tracking student progress. However, like you mentioned, I’m still a big fan of paper resources. That was my one downfall regarding Ted-Ed, but other than that, I was pretty impressed with it.

    In general, I think almost everyone is trying to go paperless for environmental reasons, but I also think it might be related to organization too. When my students complete an assignment on Google Classroom, it is always there. I don’t need to worry about the student losing their assignment or misplacing it myself. In addition, I also think the pandemic has had an impact (e.g.: remote learning).

    I teach my own core French and I have trouble finding resources… I can’t imagine trying to find French resources for every subject! I use TPT pretty frequently… It isn’t great, but I am honestly at a loss as well. I know that’s not a very helpful comment, but it is so difficult finding good French resources or “resource hub.”

    Thanks for the great read!

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    1. I feel for you teaching core French! I taught it my first year at my current school instead of my math (which was awful in principal on it’s own), but I found it was even worse to find resources for core French. Especially if you are at a school where the level of the students is not where it should be compared to what the curriculum is expecting to be taught. It’s very difficult to cover certain topics when the students don’t have the basics to even read or write a few sentences and the resources that exist are way past their level or way too “bébé”


  2. It’s interesting that you found it tricky to find printable resources. To be honest, I hadn’t thought about it before. On OER Commons there were multiple things that you could print, but I couldn’t quite find the topics or subjects that would be appropriate for Grade 6, so printing was the least of my worries. I wonder if some people find more value in the multimedia component of the OERS that the printable resources aren’t as in demand? This is very interesting to me. I wonder what other people think as well.


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