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EC&I 831 – Major Learning Project Summary

Again, wow! I can’t believe we are already at the end of this course, and thus the end of my major project. It has been a very busy semester filled with dough and icing. My fiancé has appreciated all the baking popping up every weekend, but I am not sure if my waistline agrees with that appreciation (hahah). Let’s take a look back at this journey!

Project Timeline

Each week, I decided to try a different technique or style of cookie decorating. I found a lot of my ideas on Pinterest, and also had some ideas previously from watching many baking shows over the years.

What did I miss?

Although I think I did a great job trying many different techniques and challenging myself to complete many different cookie tasks, there are still some things from my original plan that did not make the cut!

  • Writing- Writing on cookies was something I was hoping to tackle, but did not get around to trying. In the future, I would like to try writing on cookie (both with edible marker and with icing).
  • Cookie Class – I was hoping to get a chance to try a cookie decorating class. With COVID, I was not able to find anything locally offered in person. I did however find some online options with either live or pre-recorded classes. The time got away from me and it was something I never got the chance to try. Next time I am bored and have some free time, I would like to check out a class.
  • Cookie Kits- I toyed with the idea of making my final week cookie kits instead of various Christmas cookies. Cookie kits are boxes containing cookies, icing, and sprinkles which people can purchase to decorate at home. Although I think this would have been a great side project for a bit of extra cash, I felt that my icing making skills were not up to what I would like them to be in order to take this on. I also thought that it would be best for my final week to showcase my own decorating, and not simply the assembly of something else. Perhaps next time I am feeling a bit creative, I will try them out.

Even though there are some tasks that I never got to try, I am happy with the techniques I have learned. I will hopefully get around to trying some of these other tasks in the future!

Tips & Tricks

I am definitely no professional, but I have learned a few tips and tricks that I would like to share with you in case you ever want to give cookie decorating a try yourself!

I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of links to all my favourites in once place- just for y’all.

I am very happy that I chose to take on cookie decorating for my major learning project. I believe that this was a great opportunity for me to explore something that I have always considered trying out. I enjoyed getting the chance to challenge myself to something that was new, but still related to a passion of mine (baking). I think that my cookie decorating skills have definitely improved over the weeks. I have found a few go-to recipes as well as an icing recipe that seems to be working. I am hoping to continue to work on my flooding skills – I would like to get the flood nice and smooth all the way to the edge of the cookie without it dripping over. Although the royal icing cookies looks super nice once they are dry, I preferred working with the buttercream icing as it was easier for me to use. With that being said, I do think that the royal icing cookies look much fancier. I found that I still struggled to get the right consistencies with the royal icing. This is just another thing I can continue to work on improving. I am hoping to find the time to continue to practice cookie decorating. However, for now my focus will be on all of our regular Christmas baking. Then, I think I will take a break and go back to cakes and cupcakes for awhile as I have been missing those!

Thank you to all who followed along on this journey! I will leave you all with some final questions:
1. Which week of cookies was your favourite?
2. Any suggestions on cookies (or other types of baking) that I should try out in the future?
3. Have you ever decorate cookies before? How did it go? If not, are you wanting to try it out now?

10 thoughts on “EC&I 831 – Major Learning Project Summary

  1. Not only are your cookies so amazing, but your cute dog in the background puts the icing on the cake (or cookies I should say). This is another project that I can’t wait to try out one day, and I love how you included so many links! I also love that you included tips and tricks that you figured out along the way. This is so great! I will be keeping this one bookmarked, that’s for sure! Thanks again for sharing. I loved following along on your journey. What talent you have, and how far you’ve come!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Brittney, I really love your Christmas Tree cookie, and I would love to try and take a bite of it without it all falling apart.. a serious challenge that I think I could do well in haha! I really liked the various designs, but the tips and tricks were certainly my favourite part to see the deeper side of learning here and the big take-aways that you had. From my very limited experience, chilling the dough would not be something I would think about in this process but will definitely be something now I think about.. or at least tell people who do this process.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks! Yes it is definitely something I have learned is very important – for the cut out cookies anyways. If you’re doing just regular drop cookies then no need to chill usually 🙂


  3. I think for me, my favourite week was the Halloween cookie week! But then again, I still thought your little pumpkin pie ones were amazing, even though they weren’t exactly what you were hoping for. I will be trying the flooding technique and your icing recipe because the one I use is more of a spread with the knife type and if I don’t get the edges right they truly have that homemade look. Yours look professional! I hope you try some snowflake cookies or something fancy for Valentine’s day.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Brittney,

    Along with a fantastic learning project, is this well-formatted and thought-out post! I like that you included a piece for tips and tricks, as well as things that you didn’t quite get around to. I am feeling the same with my project. As I got going, I thought of all these things I wanted to try. Before I knew it, class was over! I will definitely be including a segment about this in my final blog post.

    I am no baker (or cook for that matter), so my experience in this area is pretty limited. However, your project is well researched and contains so many helpful resources that I could dive into! The cookies you made were beautiful! I think the Christmas tree stack you created was gorgeous!

    I am 100% biased, but if you’re looking for a real challenge, I would encourage you to try out gluten-free cookie baking… I can be your test taster…

    Well done– it has been a pleasure!


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