Hi All!

About Me:

Looking forward to getting to know everyone and taking this journey together through ECI832!

4 thoughts on “Hi All!

  1. Now I’m so curious!! What types of cookies? How did you decorate them? What did you learn??? I’ve always wanted to learn how to make macarons. This looks like it would have been a fun class!! Another classmate mentioned learning how to knit as their project.


  2. Hello Brittney,
    We have a lot in common! I am also a board game ner. My current favorite games are Lords of Waterdeep, Terraforming Mars, and Alien Frontier. I have only played Sagrada and 7 Wonders out of your list, I’ll have to look them up and add them to our collection. I also love to travel, I’m sure you will enjoy Iceland!


    1. Oouh, I have never heard of Alien Frontier. Will have to check it out! I’ve played the other two. My fiancé and his friends are obsessed with Terraforming Mars. I really like the new condensed/shorter version they’ve came out with recently


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