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EC&I 832- Summary of Learning

Wow! This semester has just flown by. I have very much enjoyed my time throughout this course learning about Digital Citizenship and Media literacies. I have learned many practical things that I can take with me as a person, a learner, an educator, and a future parent in regards to technology, social media, and everything in between.

I was pondering how I wanted to present my summary of learning for this class. Some of my previous summaries include a cake and an online board game. I decided that I wanted to try something in more of a video format. I searched around and found an software called VideoScribe. This software does the whiteboard style drawing presentations. I signed up for the 7 day free trial which allowed me to use the platform without paying. The only downside was that it had a watermark background that I couldn’t take away. After a bit of playing around and a Youtube video, I was able to figure out the platform. I uploaded an audio recording of my “script” which I made on my phone, then I added whatever pictures I could find that I thought went well with my words. Finally, I set up all the transition timings to ensure that it flowed mostly smoothly. After a long wait for it to download, it was done! I do apologize for the spelling mistake of the word “created” at 3:01. I didn’t notice until after the download was complete and my trail was up so I was unable to fix it!

All in all I am very happy with my final project. You can click here to watch the video!

6 thoughts on “EC&I 832- Summary of Learning

  1. This looks like a cool video creation website, Brittney! Thanks for sharing your process of making the video. I can appreciate the effort that goes into creating these Summaries of Learning in a new, creative way after you have done a couple in several classes!

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  2. Your Summary of learning looks great, Brittney. It is a nice app and a very neat way of describing your knowledge. It gives a clear understanding of your thoughts.

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  3. I actually find these animated presentations really engaging and informative so I really enjoyed yours! I know they are a lot more work than they seem so great effort and summary! I watch the Swedish Investor on YouTube all the time who summarizes financial books, I would recommend trying a few of his videos…

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  4. Hi Brittney! Great job on your Summary of Learning. VideoScribe is a neat app to make videos. I used it for my summary of learning in EC&I 831 this summer. I found it to be user-friendly and fun to put together the final product! Great job summarizing the content from the course as well – it can be hard to cover everything in 5 minutes!


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