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App Overhaul: Quizizz

How Have I Been Using This App?

I chose Quizizz as the platform to try for the educational portion of my major project as I wanted to explore something that I could use in the classroom and that was highly interactive. I had heard the name Quizizz before, but had never taken the time to try the platform until now. In previous years, I had used Kahoot for review games and activities. I had not had the time to get around to going back to Kahoot this year, but had heard that they had imposed a limit on the number of players at a time for the free version (however when I checked the page still said the free version was up to 50). Anyways, I decided to give Quizizz a try and see if it was equivalent or even better than Kahoot. Due to time constraints and what we were working on during this term, I was only able to try one Quizizz game with my students. However, it went over really well! I had no problems figuring out the platform in order to run and create the game. The students were super engaged and said they liked the Quizizz platform even more then Kahoot because it gave them funny player names and let them change the colour of their screens. It is definitely a tool I will be using again this year for review!

Doing our review for our science unit on weather

Purpose/Intended Audience

Quizizz is a “gamified student engagement platform.” Essentially, it is a website that allows teachers to interact with students in an engaging way.

Using the Website

Getting Started

  • The first step is to create an account. This article helps explain the two options for creating an account: using you Google/Gmail account or sign up for non Google users. I signed up using my Google account and it was super easy.
  • Once you have created your account, you can create a quiz or lesson, or select a pre made quiz to get started with.


  • The platform’s main offering is quizzes. You can create your own quiz by following the steps in the video below, or use one of the many pre made quizzes on the website.
Note: There is no sound to the video
  • There are many options for the types of questions you can include in your quiz:
    • Poll
    • Multiple choice
    • Fill in the blanks
    • Open ended
    • Drawing
    • Slide
    • Audio response (super aka paid version only)
    • Video response (super version only)
  • On the free version, you can add images to your questions and answers. If using the super paid version, you can also add videos or audio.
  • You can also add equations and answer explanations to your quiz!
  • The basic free option allows up to 100 participants per quiz or lesson.
  • You can have your class complete a quiz in one of two ways. Either way, each student will require access to a piece of technology such as a smartphone or laptop.
    • Instructor paced: This is similar to Kahoot in which the teacher controls the pace of the game and the whole class goes through each question together. This is great for whole class review in which an educator wants to elaborate on the questions or answers or for classes with lower reading levels so that the instructor can read the questions and answer options out loud.
    • Student paced: this format allows students to complete the questions at their own pace. There is still an option to display a leaderboard with live results.
  • When starting a live quiz, students will go to a website and enter a game code. They can then type in their player name or you can use the name randomizer to give students funny code names that are school appropriate.
  • You can also assign quizzes to other platforms (such as Google Classroom etc.) to be completed independently.


  • Quizizz also allows users to create lessons.
  • These lessons are very similar to a PowerPoint presentation.


  • The reports tool allows instructors to view data on the students’ completion of the quizzes.
  • It will show you the accuracy and score for each student (*note if you use the code names you will have a harder time knowing which students did well or not).
  • If you click on a student you can also see a breakdown of which questions the student got correct/incorrect.
  • You can even print the results. This could be a good tool for doing a marked quiz as long as you make sure students put their names in correctly.


  • Once students have complete a quiz assigned by a teacher indepdently, they can click the flashcards button.
  • This offers students the questions from the quiz in flashcard format and allows them to answer the question and turn the card over to check their answer.

Terms of Use, Privacy & Safety Guidelines

Terms of Service

Here is a shortened version of Quizizz’s terms of service.

  • Eligibility
    These terms of service are for all users. For users under 13, Quizizz does not require parental consent and offers access to limited features. Their system is designed to avoid collecting any “personally identifiable” information aside from things that show the platform it is a repeat user.
  • Your Quizizz Account and Data
    You are responsible for maintaining your account and data. You are responsible for notifying Quizizz of any unauthorized use of your account.
  • Prohibited Content and Activities, and Responsibility of Contributors
    You are responsible for all content created and posted on your account, any harm that comes from this content is also your responsibility. This includes lawful use of content such as videos, audio, pictures etc.
  • Illegal and Prohibited Content
    This section lists all of the content that is prohibited to post or use. This type of content can get your account suspended or banned. Some things listed include: content that is offensive or promotes racism/bigotry, content that is sexually suggestive, content that solicits personal information of a minor, content that violates privacy rights/copyright etc., and content that promotes criminal activity.
  • Illegal and Prohibited Activity
    This section lists all of the things you can not do on their platform and states that Quizizz may involve law enforcement agencies if they feel it is necessary. Some things listed include: criminal activities (fraud, trafficking, pornography, stalking, spamming etc.), organizing violent acts, impersonation, letting a third part access or use your account, interfering with services, and unauthorized advertisements.
  • Content Availability
    You are agreeing that you have the rights to use the content you have created and that is it safe.
  • Rights & Licensing
    Unless you pay for a “Quizizz for Work professional plan,” any content that you publish to the website belongs to Quizizz and you will receive no compensation if they decide to use, edit, or alter your content at a later date. Those who have purchased the workplace professional plan do not grant Quizizz this license, but must follow all other guidelines in this document.
  • Responsibility of Service Visitors
    Quizizz is not able to review all material posted on the site and can’t guarantee that it is accurate or correct. They do not claim responsibility for any harm resulting from the use or downloading of the content.
  • Content Posted on Other Websites
    Quizizz is not responsible and can not control what other websites people link to in the content.
  • Copyright Infringement and DMCA Policy
    Quizizz asks other to respect intellectual property rights. Content believing to infringe on these rights, such as copyright, can be reported to Quizizz and account may terminate or deny us of accounts.
  • Trademarks
    Their name, website domain and logo are all trademarked and users to not have the license to reproduce these things.
  • Changes
    These terms of service can be changed without notice.
  • Limitation of warranties of Quizizz, its suppliers and its licensors
    Unless otherwise stated, you are agreeing that downloading or using content on the platform is done so at your own risk and Quizizz and its parties are not liable for any damage to computer systems or data.
  • Limitation of liability of Quizizz, its suppliers and its licensors
    Unless otherwise stated, Quizizz is not liable for “any direct, indirect, special, consequential or exemplary damages, regardless of the basis or nature of the claim, resulting from any use of the Service, or the contents thereof or of any hyperlinked website including without limitation any lost profits, business interruption, loss of data or otherwise.”
  • General Representation and Warranty
    You are agreeing that you will use this platform according to their terms of service.

Privacy Policy

Here is a breakdown of Quizizz’s privacy policy. Note that the bolded titles for each section are taken directly out of the document.

According to Quizizz, their privacy policy follows these main guiding principles:

“We don’t ask you for personal information unless we truly need it.

We don’t keep your personal information longer than is necessary to provide our services to you.

We don’t share your personal information with anyone except to comply with the law, provide our services, or protect our rights.

We don’t rent, sell or exchange your personal information.

We aim to make it as simple as possible for you to control what’s visible to the public, seen by search engines, kept private, and permanently deleted.”

  • Protecting Students and Their Personal Information
    Quizizz offers limited features for young users in order to offer protection. Quizizz does not collect personal information about any child for distribution, sharing, or selling. Here are some examples for safety and privacy for students listed in this section:
    • Behaviorally targeted advertising is not permitted on Quizizz.
    • Students can join games without creating an account.
    • Students who have not or cannot provide consent have a limited product experience.
    • The platform does not facilitate direct messaging between students.
    • Quizzes are subject to proactive content filters and reactive reporting tools.
  • Parental Rights
    Quizizz allows parents/guardians to delete, modify, and review information their children have shared if they created an account. They can also create a parent account to monitor and manage their child’s access.
  • How Quizizz Collects Personal Information
    Data collection depends on many factors. For example, data collected on students who join a quiz without an account is different than what is collected on a teacher who has signed up for an account. There are not more specific details listed.
  • Information You Provide to Quizizz
    If you create an account, the information provided by you may be saved. This can include your name, email address, photo, or organization.
  • Information Collected Automatically
    The device model, operating system, and device identifiers are often collected automatically. Your browser type, preferred language, time zone, referring site, and IP address may also be collected when you log in.
  • Information from Other Sources
    Quizizz may collect information from partners. “For example, if you choose to use Google Login or join using the Google Classroom integration, we may receive information including your name and email address from Google.”
  • Sensitive Information
    Quizizz does not knowingly collect data such as race or ethnicity, gender, health information or political affiliations.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Here is how this information used by Quizizz:

  • Cookies are used to test new features and to track visitors, their usage, and preferences of the website.
  • Quizizz states that they “only disclose personally identifying information to Quizizz employees, contractors and subcontractors that: (i) must access that information in order to process it on Quizizz’s behalf or to provide services available at Quizizz’s website and mobile applications; and, (ii) agree not to disclose that information to others.”
  • They do not rent, sell, or exchange potentially personally-identifying information to third parties without your consent.
  • However, if required by law they will disclose information they believe is necessary.

Advertising, Analytics and Marketing

  • Quizizz states that “advertising partners are not permitted to engage in behavioral targeting nor are they permitted to share or sell personal data. Quizizz does not share data for third-party advertising nor do we use data to track and target advertisements on other third-party websites or services.”
  • Google Analytics is used to understand how users engage with their service. You can opt out of this at any time.
  • They also state that “aggregated demographic and activity data may be used for research purposes,” but not further specifications are given.

Here is how Quizizz shares information they have collected:

  • They state they only share your personal information when it is “necessary to offer the service, comply with law, or with your permission.”

Other notes:

  • They will retain the information as long as it is necessary, usually while your account is active. Usually if an account is inactive for 12+ months, it will be deleted.
  • You can delete your account at any time.

Quizizz + Education

Obviously, this application is a little different than the other applications I chose to explore for my major project as it is already designed as an education related tool. I think that this website does a good job of creating a platform that is easy to navigate and offers many practical uses in the classroom. Students are always extra engaged when it comes to using technology and “playing games.” My students really enjoyed using this platform. I can also see how the reports tool could be useful for summative evaluation as well. Finally, after viewing their terms of service and data policies, I think that they do a good job of collecting a limited amount of data, which is good for a school based application.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed using this application as it was quick and easy. My students were engaged and having fun learning which is always what we want. I will definitely be using this platform again in the near future!

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