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EC&I 832- Major Learning Project Summary

Wow! I can’t believe that it is already April and here we are at the end of EC&I832. This class has just flown by. I was hoping to have the time to make even more posts for my final project, but somehow we are done already! I will conclude with this post which summarizes my project and offers some final reflections.

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My Major Project

For my major project, I chose options 2: a personal journey into media. I very much enjoyed my major project for EC&I831 in which I used social media to learn a new skill. I figured that since I really liked this project, option 2 of diving more into media and how I personally use it would be a fun way to spend my semester. For my project, I chose to explore 3 applications: Instagram, TikTok, and Quizizz. Throughout the semester I wrote 5 main blog posts:

Final Reflection

Since I did give most of my final thoughts at the end of my app overhaul posts, I will keep this reflection simple with some statistics and important points to summarize about my experience:

  • All of these applications were fairly simple to use. The hardest part was actually editing the TikTok’s. I ended up using an app called InShot for this as it was a lot easier than using TikTok’s features. Unfortunately, I did not have time to do an app overhaul for this one!
  • I don’t think that Instagram and TikTok have any place in a k-12 school classroom setting (educationally speaking at least).
  • My dog Loki reached 160 followers on his instagram and his account has 31 posts! I plan on keeping up with this account and posting occasionally as it is nice to have a set place with all the best photos of this cutie.
  • I reached 12 followers on my TikTok (lol), however my average views were around 250 per video with my first video amassing 623! My favourite part of creating content on TikTok was looking at the analytics and seeing which countries people were watching from. There was some really random ones in there such as The Republic of Macedonia, The Maldives, Malawi, and Mauritius.
  • My students LOVED Quizizz and it is definitely a tool I will continue to use in my classroom in the future.

That’s all for now! ✌︎ 

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