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Thinking Back

Being born in 1995 definitely has its advantages. I feel that I was able to benefit from growing up along side technology. In a way, I got to have the best of “both worlds” as technology became more and more popular as I grew up, but I also got to experience a childhood with limited technology and mostly free from social media.

Elementary Years

High School

University Years

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Final Thoughts


2 thoughts on “Thinking Back

  1. Hey Brittney, great post! The hack that took place last year certainly reminded me how much I take for granted in terms of technology. Ed Tech tools are one thing, but not being able to send things to the printer, phone the office, or use my projector? These are basics that I often disregard in terms of tech- I don’t know how I would have gotten through it!!


  2. Brittney,

    Nice to see you in another class! I’m jealous of your school and the ability to easily hit a 1:1 ratio of computer to students…With our school being soooo big, itreally leaves the teacher to be creative in the sense of how they can get everyone access. I often find myself not being able to get a 1:1 ratio without taking up a large chunk of the computers we have available. With that said, I often strive for a more realistic rations of 1:2 computer to student ratio. This seems to be the most fair in the sense of leavivng computers for other classes to use. This makes it difficult to really jump in and really give EdTech a honest go in my classroom.

    Looking forward to working with you again!


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