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1,2,3 Sesame

Postman wrote: “…We now know that “Sesame Street” encourages children to love school only if school is like “Sesame Street.” Which is to say, we now know that “Sesame Street” undermines what the traditional idea of what schooling represents.”

Sesame Street + Education

Let’s Unpack


3 thoughts on “1,2,3 Sesame

  1. Thank you for your review! I do not have a background in ECE but my daughter is of the age that she attends day care and preschool programming; they do have puppets during circle time! I know its not the same but there is obviously some crossover when it comes to transitioning in-person teaching strategies to digital environments.

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  2. Insightful post Brittney. I share your belief that this program was most beneficial for students who did not attend preschool or that came from lower socioeconomic households or neighbourhoods. Music was the secret ingredient used to teach concepts. I think many early years educators took note of the amount of music in an episode of Sesame Street. Kids love music and its encompasses all languages/cultures. It should say something when an old guy like me can still recall and recite many songs from my childhood mornings watching Sesame Street. “Rubber Ducky – yer the one!! You make bath time so much fun…” 🙂 🙂

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  3. As a personal anecdote, I remember when one of the human characters, Mr. Hooper died. At the time the producers of Sesame Street decided it would be best to actually deal with the idea of death. I think it was one of the first times that I ever had a frank conversation with my parents about mortality. Due to this I have a great deal of respect for the writers who were involved.

    When my niece was young she would also watch the show and I noticed a bit of a change. The show in the early 1980s was somehow grittier (for lack of a better term). Sesame street looked more like a street in New York circa 1970. It was kind of odd seeing a gentrified Sesame Street. I wonder if this has to do with a shift in the shows demographics, or a reflection of the changes in society, but I felt old sesame street seemed aimed at a broader audience. It reminds me of the digital Matthew effect that was spoken about in last week’s presentation (where technology is benefitting those who are already quite affluent).


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