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EC&I 832- Major Learning Project Summary

Wow! I can’t believe that it is already April and here we are at the end of EC&I832. This class has just flown by. I was hoping to have the time to make even more posts for my final project, but somehow we are done already! I will conclude with this post which summarizes myContinue reading “EC&I 832- Major Learning Project Summary”

App Overhaul: Quizizz

How Have I Been Using This App? I chose Quizizz as the platform to try for the educational portion of my major project as I wanted to explore something that I could use in the classroom and that was highly interactive. I had heard the name Quizizz before, but had never taken the time toContinue reading “App Overhaul: Quizizz”

EC&I 832- Summary of Learning

Wow! This semester has just flown by. I have very much enjoyed my time throughout this course learning about Digital Citizenship and Media literacies. I have learned many practical things that I can take with me as a person, a learner, an educator, and a future parent in regards to technology, social media, and everythingContinue reading “EC&I 832- Summary of Learning”

Moral, Ethical, and Legal Issues Surrounding Social Media In the Classroom

Social media is by far one of the most popular words now a days, especially in a classroom. Students of all ages are singing up for accounts on all sorts of platforms and are eager to discuss the latest trends. Many teachers (and other adults) also have social media accounts. In an attempt to continueContinue reading “Moral, Ethical, and Legal Issues Surrounding Social Media In the Classroom”

App Overhaul: TikTok

How Have I Been Using This App? As I had mentioned in my introduction blog post, I am someone who fell victim to making a TikTok account during the height of COVID isolation in March 2020. I say victim as it is an app I was never expecting to be so addicted to. I utilizeContinue reading “App Overhaul: TikTok”

Fake News

Everyday, I am someone who wakes up and immediately scrolls through their phone. I always follow the same schedule: check emails, check messages, scroll through Facebook, quick check on Instagram, and sometimes a scroll through Twitter. This “morning update” is typically how I gather my information. I am not one to watch the news veryContinue reading “Fake News”

App Overhaul: Instagram

For my major project, I decided the best way to share updates is to complete app overhauls. I plan on using these select specific posts to share as much information as I can about each platform I have explored during my project. Fair warning- these posts will probably be quite lengthy. I plan on usingContinue reading “App Overhaul: Instagram”

What Is Literacy in 2022?

Our blog prompt this week asks us : what does it mean to be literate today? Well, let’s start with the first idea that people tend to have when they hear the words “literate” or “literacy.” Often times, our first thought is the ability to read and write. Usually, this level of literacy is alsoContinue reading “What Is Literacy in 2022?”

Our Roles in Digital Citizenship Education

Every year, teachers are asked to cover a certain amount of minutes per subject. Here is the breakdown according to the Ministry of Education in Saskatchewan for grades 1-5: There is one subject that appears to be missing from our curriculum : digital citizenship. As our world continues to evolve and rely increasingly on technology,Continue reading “Our Roles in Digital Citizenship Education”

My Digital Identity- Past, Present, and Future

This post is coming at y’all quite late so I apologize if my thoughts aren’t as coherent as usual. However, being able to finally take my first vacation in two years has done wonders for my mental health and is well worth the last minute work catch up. The Past As someone who was bornContinue reading “My Digital Identity- Past, Present, and Future”