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Assistive Technology: More Than Meets the Eye

Going into tonight’s presentation I thought that I had a good idea what assistive technology was, but boy was I wrong! Originally my thoughts of what classified of assistive technology was very realted to my own personal experiences and what I have witnessed directly around me. Some examples of assistive technology that came to myContinue reading “Assistive Technology: More Than Meets the Eye”

Are Online Tools Only for Distance Learning?

Ahh online learning. A term that has become quite popular over these last few years… Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic shuttering schools, I had little experience with online/distance learning. All of my high school classes were in person at my high school. My undergraduate university experience was similar, with 98% of my classes being inContinue reading “Are Online Tools Only for Distance Learning?”

1,2,3 Sesame

Postman wrote: “…We now know that “Sesame Street” encourages children to love school only if school is like “Sesame Street.” Which is to say, we now know that “Sesame Street” undermines what the traditional idea of what schooling represents.” Sesame Street + Education Sesame street is one of the longest running children’s educational shows. ItContinue reading “1,2,3 Sesame”

Theories of Learning & Me

Before beginning my teaching education, I had no idea what theories of knowledge or learning were. Sure, growing up I could tell which teachers did a better job at engaging students in multiple ways, and which teachers used punitive tools in their classroom when we were “bad” (hello grade 6 with the green, yellow, andContinue reading “Theories of Learning & Me”

Educational Technology

What Is Technology? Before we can dive into educational technology, I feel that it is important to discuss what technology itself entails. According to, technology actually has 5 different definitions: These definitions indicate that the traditional, often main definition of technology (see definition 1), is not the only one to exist. Technology does notContinue reading “Educational Technology”

Thinking Back

Being born in 1995 definitely has its advantages. I feel that I was able to benefit from growing up along side technology. In a way, I got to have the best of “both worlds” as technology became more and more popular as I grew up, but I also got to experience a childhood with limitedContinue reading “Thinking Back”