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Bonjour! Hello!

Hi everyone. My name is Brittney Clyde. I was born and raised here in Regina. I completed my educational program at the university of Regina and finished with my undergatuate degrees in French Immersion Education and French (arts). I am currently working on my masters in Curriculum and Instruction. This is my 8/9th class andContinue reading “Bonjour! Hello!”

Assistive Technology: More Than Meets the Eye

Going into tonight’s presentation I thought that I had a good idea what assistive technology was, but boy was I wrong! Originally my thoughts of what classified of assistive technology was very realted to my own personal experiences and what I have witnessed directly around me. Some examples of assistive technology that came to myContinue reading “Assistive Technology: More Than Meets the Eye”

Educational Technology

What Is Technology? Before we can dive into educational technology, I feel that it is important to discuss what technology itself entails. According to, technology actually has 5 different definitions: These definitions indicate that the traditional, often main definition of technology (see definition 1), is not the only one to exist. Technology does notContinue reading “Educational Technology”