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What’s Poppin?

For this week’s assignment I decided to explore Popplet. Prior to today I had never heard of or seen this platform. When I saw the name I got excited as it was listed as a mapping resource and I have yet to use a platform in my classroom for that purpose. To start, I wentContinue reading “What’s Poppin?”

Cloudy With a Course Profile

This course will follow the Saskatchewan Curriculum guidelines for the Earth and Space Science: Weather – focusing on outcomes WE5.1 , WE5.2 , and WE5.3. Target Audience & Timeline This course is intended for students in grade 5 at a Saskatchewan school. Students may also be in a 4/5 or 5/6 combined classroom. This course will take 8-10Continue reading “Cloudy With a Course Profile”

Blended Learning & Me

When I first heard the term blended learning, this is what immediately popped into my mind: I had thought that my experiences with blended learning pretty much came down to the pandemic teaching experiences where we were in class and then online constantly due to fluctating case numbers and random classroom shutdowns. However, in classContinue reading “Blended Learning & Me”

Summary of Learning!

Woohoo! The end of a semester always feels so good, espcially when Christmas is right around the corner. This is the last EdTech class that was availible for me to take so I am very sad to likely be going back to writing boring papers instead of blogging and doing fun projects like this. ForContinue reading “Summary of Learning!”

VR in the Classroom: Reality or Fantasy?

The first experience I ever had with virtual reality was when I was newly dating my boyfriend (now husband). He and his father are both VERY into technology and gaming. One day, he showed me his dad’s Oculus VR . The first simulation I tried was very simple. There was a big acorn tree andContinue reading “VR in the Classroom: Reality or Fantasy?”

1,2,3 Sesame

Postman wrote: “…We now know that “Sesame Street” encourages children to love school only if school is like “Sesame Street.” Which is to say, we now know that “Sesame Street” undermines what the traditional idea of what schooling represents.” Sesame Street + Education Sesame street is one of the longest running children’s educational shows. ItContinue reading “1,2,3 Sesame”

Theories of Learning & Me

Before beginning my teaching education, I had no idea what theories of knowledge or learning were. Sure, growing up I could tell which teachers did a better job at engaging students in multiple ways, and which teachers used punitive tools in their classroom when we were “bad” (hello grade 6 with the green, yellow, andContinue reading “Theories of Learning & Me”