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Crazy For Quizizz

I first discovered Quizizz just last spring in ECI832 with Alec. It is a program that was new to me and I decided to explore it further as a part of my major project. Due to last week being so crazy + conferences upcoming I did not have time to try a completely new toolContinue reading “Crazy For Quizizz”

EC&I 832- Major Learning Project Summary

Wow! I can’t believe that it is already April and here we are at the end of EC&I832. This class has just flown by. I was hoping to have the time to make even more posts for my final project, but somehow we are done already! I will conclude with this post which summarizes myContinue reading “EC&I 832- Major Learning Project Summary”

App Overhaul: Quizizz

How Have I Been Using This App? I chose Quizizz as the platform to try for the educational portion of my major project as I wanted to explore something that I could use in the classroom and that was highly interactive. I had heard the name Quizizz before, but had never taken the time toContinue reading “App Overhaul: Quizizz”