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Module 1 – Review


  • My GoogleClassroom was created using my school board email address, which means that there is no way to make it pubic (apparently!). Unfortunately, that means that classmates and reviewers will not be able to go directly into the classroom itself. I will make sure that future walkthrough videos are more detailed due to this. I will also make sure to include a general overview of the classroom platform itself in my final walkthrough video.
  • One reviewer mentioned that the cloud project assignment may be difficult for the asynchronous students to complete at home if they do not have the necessary supplies. A suggestion was to give them also the ability to do the project digitally. This is something I could add to my module.
  • Something not mentioned by my written reviewers, but that was brought up in our group/oral feedback the week before was that there are no indicators on the rubric itself. With my school board, we do not attach our marks to the outcomes/indicators for subjects aside from Math and Languages. On the report card, they would only see a final mark for the subject. If they are to log into Edsby (our reporting platform) they can see the name of the assignment, along with any other provided details and the mark for each assignment. This makes it much easier when teaching a split grade. I currently teach 4/5 so this way the students in grade 4 who are completing the unit as well can still have science marks for their work.
  • After discussing accessibility in class last week, I am still thinking of ways that I can increase accessibility to my unit. I find that many times accessibility adaptations are provided based on the students we are currently teaching and until we have experienced working with a specific need it can be hard to find ways to adapt. At this time, my main adaptation requirements in my classroom with my current students include: help with reading, EAL, and some reduction in the amount of writing required when completing tasks. These were addressed in my course profile.

Overall, the feedback on my module overall was positive and there are not too many changes that are required for my first module. Reviewers mentioned that the instruction and assessments were varied towards different learners, adaptations were included/mentioned, the expectations and content were grade-appropriate, and there was consideration for how things would be executed both for the synchronous and asynchronous students across all aspects.

If anyone else has any suggestions for improving my first module please comment below!


3 thoughts on “Module 1 – Review

  1. I agree with you that for this project it is unfortunate that peers can’t peruse the course at their own pace/time/space due to division restrictions (although I understand why the restrictions are in place). I know my courses and content very well so I often don’t mention pieces or aspects of the course that other might find interesting or useful when giving people a pre-recorded tour of my platform/course/module. Great accommodation suggestion for making a digital project version for students who are unable to attend in person. If they are situated close to the school but are unable to attend, the guardian could also pick up pre-packaged supplies for a specific project if feasible for both parent and teacher or if the family doesn’t have devices of their own to complete it digitally. Glad you don’t have much to change! Cheers 🙂


  2. Hey! I totally agree with you about the adaptations, we always take into consideration our current learners’ needs. And I do think that we, as teachers are capable of changing the adaptations according to the students and learning environment.


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