Major Learning Project – Week 1

So it begins! I started my cookie decorating journey this week by practicing what seems to be the most basic required skill for decorating cookies: flooding. Flooding is the term for the technique cookie decorators use when they create a smooth finish on a cookie. Think of it like the background behind whatever design is going to be completed.

It appears that many people prefer no tip. While some still prefer a tip, and others even use a plastic bottle with a tip instead of a bag. So many options! I decided to stick with a tip and a bag for now, as that is similar to what I am used to for decorating cakes.

All in all, I’d say that this was a pretty successful first attempt. Next time, I am going to thin my icing even more as I felt like it didn’t flow as fast as I would have liked it to. At some point, I would also like to try the tip-less bag and see if it makes a difference. Finally, I think I may try pushing the icing all the way to the edges instead of leaving a border around. This might help make it look like one flat surface which will be useful once I begin trying some more complicated designs.

Here are the final results. My fiancé said that they tasted delicious.

9 thoughts on “Major Learning Project – Week 1

  1. Well done Britt! Looks like a great first try. I’d say your icing looked like a very good consistency for your first go! You may have already come across this, but one thing I learned from a cookie decorating class was to do a little jiggling of the cookie while tapping the bottom to help it spread itself before you take a toothpick or spreading tool to it.
    I look forward to seeing more of your process!

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  2. Looks like some great success! I appreciated your use and explanation of appropriate terminology in your post and how you turned to a social media group for guidance. Online forums or groups are great ways to learn diverse perspectives and normally a really quick way to get feedback or a response. Your use of the term flooding had me curious to find some type of glossary or online resource with decorating/baking terminology. I came across the following website and thought I would share:

    Keep up the awesome work!


  3. This project looks delicious!! How is the taste testing going? I love all the pictures as you explain the process. Are you satisfied with the dough recipe you’re using? I’m curious to know if other dough recipes make any difference in the decorating process. I have tried several different ones over the years, the latest one with added cream cheese!
    Looking forward to following along!


    1. I am not sure how much the recipe would affect the dough. I think that personally a nice thick cookie is better to help balance out all the icing. I know on baking shows they have used many different flavours of sugar cookies as well as gingerbread and even shortbread. I really like the taste of the recipe I am currently using so I think I will stick with it as a base for now and maybe try some different flavours in in down the road.


  4. Okay, who doesn’t love a good sugar cookie with royal icing? These look so great for your first attempts. Decorating cookies is something that I have always wanted to get into, but I hate how much time sugar cookies seem to take from start to finish. I think the design part is really creative and you can do a lot of pretty neat things. I like how you discussed the terminology and what you were doing. That is something that I often forget about. I am learning about the Cricut and assume that my readers know what I am talking about. This is a good tip for me to improve my blog writing. Thanks for the help! Are you going to try to do seasonal cookies? Who knows, maybe this will turn into a lucrative side business?


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