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Major Learning Project – Week 2

Disaster struck when I attempted to pipe the border around to make the crust of my “pies”. Apparently, my royal icing was too runny to hold and it turned into this sloppy mess that looked more like a raw, uncooked pie.

All in all, they turned out okay. I am a bit of a perfectionist so I was not super happy with them, but there was definitely some improvement between the beginning and the end attempts. I did not enjoy eating these ones as much as the ones from last week as I found there was way too much cookie to icing ratio. I also forgot to put the vanilla in the icing so it mostly tasted like sugar.

Next time, I am going to try a few things:
– Continue tying to flood using a tipless bag as that seemed to make no real difference and made my clean up easier.
– Remember to put the vanilla in my icing!
– Try a different royal icing recipe to see if my end product, before adding water to thin it, is as thick as these other members have described.

As Thanksgiving is this weekend, I will be taking a short break, but will be back next week with a new attempt!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

6 thoughts on “Major Learning Project – Week 2

  1. It sounds like you are learning lots as you go through the process of trial and error. Are you sticking to the same cookie recipe each time? Once you find your perfect icing recipe and ratios, please share! I will definitely want to try it. šŸ˜Š

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    1. Hi Gillian, sorry for the late reply! I have been sticking to the same recipe so far. Since a batch will make about 24-36 cookies, I made a few different shapes with one batch and have been decorating about 1/3 at a time. I am out of cookies from this batch of dough now! I really like the recipe so I think I will stick with it for the most part. However, I did find some fun Christmas flavoured ones that I would like to try in a few weeks- stay tuned!


  2. I totally think they look like pumpkin pies! When I make my pies they certainly have that ‘homemade’ look which I prefer, so your little delicious morsels looked perfect to me. I empathize with the thickening dilemma though, I cannot believe how little liquid you need to get icing to work for you. Having said that I have not spread icing on a cookie in a very, very long time. You are doing so well! I cannot wait to see the next masterpiece!

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  3. Great work! They definitely look like pumpkin pies.
    I’ve tried decorating sugar cookies, but never anything too fancy. I’ve also tried some type of flooding (I think?) but it was more trial and error. I always lose patience and just end up just slabbing on some icing without actually trying to make it look nice ( then I eat those šŸ™‚ ).

    I’m happy you’re learning so much and I wish I could try one! They look so good!

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  4. Every time I read one of these posts I am regretful I didn’t choose something delicious and fun to learn! I think these look great – and I am so glad you found a decorating group to belong to on Facebook! I know a lot of people in this project (myself included) are utilizing Youtube a whole lot but I like the idea of a more conversational Social Media Form like a Facebook group for times exactly like you described – to problem solve! You got me thinking that I should be looking for some groups of learners, instead of organizations or businesses to follow for my language learning! Thanks for the read!

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