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Crazy For Quizizz

I first discovered Quizizz just last spring in ECI832 with Alec. It is a program that was new to me and I decided to explore it further as a part of my major project. Due to last week being so crazy + conferences upcoming I did not have time to try a completely new tool in my room. However, I figured now would be a great time to reflect further on Quizizz.

What Is Quizizz?

Quizizz is a “gamified student engagement platform.” Essentially, it is a website that allows teachers to interact with students in an engaging way. As I mentioned during our presentation this week there are many options for the types of questions you can include in your quiz :

  • polls
  • multiple choice
  • fill in the blanks
  • open ended questions
  • drawing
  • slides
  • audio response (super aka paid version only)
  • video response (super version only).

On the free version, you can add images to your questions and answers. If using the super paid version, you can also add videos or audio. You can also add equations and answer explanations to your quiz which is very helpful if you are using a Quizizz for review purposes or want to further explain a concept. The basic free option allows up to 100 participants per quiz or lesson so there is more than enough space to have a full class complete it at the same time. Finally, you can assign the quiz to be completed independently or choose on of the two way to run the quizizz live:

Instructor paced: This is similar to Kahoot in which the teacher controls the pace of the game and the whole class goes through each question together. This is great for whole class review in which an educator wants to elaborate on the questions or answers or for classes with lower reading levels so that the instructor can read the questions and answer options out loud.

Student paced: this format allows students to complete the questions at their own pace. There is still an option to display a leaderboard with live results. This is likely the better option if you are wanting to use it for a summative assessment as it can be less stressful for students as they can move through at their own pace.


Personally, I did not experience many challenges using this tool. I found that since it is so similar to Kahoot that it was fairly easy to figure out. If you are someone who is more technology inclined you will likely have no trouble using this in your classroom. On the student end, I find that the challenge for my students is just getting to the website and getting all set up. It is not difficult per say, but my students are still quite young and this is often their first year using the computers at school so it often just takes a little more time than you’d expect.

Student Response

My students last year were the first students I tried this platform with. They absolutely LOVED it. They said that it was better than Kahoot. My students this year also said the same thing when I first introduced this tool in October. They are always very engaged and like to participate. They still ask me daily if we are going to be doing a Quizizz anytime soon.

Quizizz For Assessment

I mainly use Quizizz as a formative assessment or review tool. The first time I used it last year we did a review for our science test with mostly multiple choice questions. I have also used it this year for a math review/practice in our representing numbers unit. I do find with my students that I mostly use the multiple choice questions. My group presentation this week was the first time I branched out to some of the more open ended style questions.

I often prefer to use this as formative since it is super quick and easy to find a premade one and to assign students a random name with the name generator. After exploring the assessment side of the application more this week, I plan to try and use it for summative assessments in the future as a way to mix it up in my classroom. I believe this tool is excellent for formative assessment, but if used correctly it can be good for some types of summative assessments as well.

Pros & Cons

Free to useNeed to create the quiz yourself if the topic you want is unavailible
Fun and engagingStudents can feel pressured to answer quickly, espcially if playing for points with a score board
Easy to set up/navigateRequires internet and devices to access
Can be used for both formative + summative assessmentNo read to student option (this would be great if using indepentely instead of guided by a teacher)
Offers multiple ways to present to help adapt to student needsStudents must put in thier proper name if you are going to want to use it for summative assessment

Overall, I love this platform and I hope that it remains free forever.


One thought on “Crazy For Quizizz

  1. Thanks for sharing information about the Quizizz tool. I would like to use it with my students soon. Quizizz has grown thoughtfully over time to be our definitive top choice, whether you’re running quick quiz games or looking to craft and launch deeper slide-based lessons with embedded assessments. I appreciate the way this tool is catering to the needs of students as its allowing them to work at their own pace.


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